About Kendal Osborne

Hi! I find it so hard to write an “About Me”. What do people want to know? How much should I say? Do I give out my credit card number? Just kidding. So, I’ll start with where I grew up!

I grew up in the country, just north of Grafton, Ontario, where I experienced the joy of being in nature and developed my passion for being outdoors. I took oil painting classes at “The World of Painting”, I learned how to quilt, and I started playing hockey. I have been playing hockey in Grafton since I was 11, and have been in the same women’s league for the last 10 seasons! I’m also still painting and quilting!

I am now nestled in Baltimore, Ontario with my boyfriend, David, our 3 children, and a weird cat. Over the years, I have learned that organization is key when it comes to being a mother. It is something I strive for every day, because, life runs more smoothly when there’s a plan in place! The kids keep life busy, so whenever we do have the chance, Dave and I pack up the boat or kayaks and get to water as fast as we can! We both share a passion for being on the water, and for not so quietly trying to out-fish one another.

For the last 6 years, I have worked as a landscape technician with Hill County Property Services. The reason I decided to switch from the landscaping field into Real Estate–my mom, Kathy Morgan (who has been a Sales Representative for 11 years now), started with a simple “Hey! While you’re on maternity leave, why don’t you take the course and you can join me and we can be a team in this?!”. So off I went on this new adventure. It took 18 months, but I finished the course, became a registered Real Estate Sales Representative, and am now working alongside my mom in the Re/Max Lakeshore office in Cobourg. While landscaping will continue to be a big passion of mine, a real estate career offers me flexible work hours, where no day is ever the same, and where I get to meet new people and help them to make the move from one chapter in their life to the next! Thanks for taking the time to find out more about me! I can’t wait to hear from you 😊

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