About Kathy Morgan

Hello and welcome! You have clicked on this page to find out more about the person you are looking to place your trust in, to help you find a home. Kudos to you! Many people hire the first agent they meet at an open house or go directly to the listing agent and this hasty decision does not always work out. Like yourself, I am a researcher and I like to think long term. I want to know that what I am buying, who I am hiring etc. will be a good fit for myself and my family for a long time to come.

On the personal side….I moved to Northumberland County in 1991 from Newcastle Village. I am married and have two grown children, three grandchildren and one very aged dog. I grew up mostly in Durham Region with ten brothers and sisters, living and going to school in Rosebank, Whitby and then in Scarborough for a few years. I never liked talking about how often we moved, but now that my business relies on this past experience, I gladly share everything I have learned with my clients. I have assisted my husband with building three of our homes and renovating three others. Fun!  We lived in Colborne and Grafton for 15 years, but the need to be closer to town won out and we now reside in Baltimore, another beautiful spot in Northumberland and just a few minutes north of Cobourg.

On the business side…I take great pride in my work. I love it when my clients say….“what ever you think is best”, or “I trust your judgment”. This tells me that they know that I am confident in what we are doing, that I have listened to them and they feel they are truly being looked after. I am very dedicated to my clients and am compassionate to a fault. I take my work very seriously and make myself easily accessible to clients’ to address concerns or questions. I am committed to seeing a transaction through to the end. I know my clients don’t want to start working with someone else midstream with so much on the line, so I do whatever is needed to prevent that. I feel my job is to bring my clients better results than they ever expected, and I like to earn my keep!

My tag line  ‘At home with me  is how I would like my clients to feel throughout our time together, so I strive to make that happen. I will always put you first and will give you as much information as possible, to help you make the sometimes long lasting and important decisions about your future.

I am sure you have many questions about real estate and you want to get started as soon as possible.   I am just a call or an email away and I’d be happy to help!


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